Expertise Across Diverse Sectors

At Phillip Elliott Associates, we specialise in debt recovery and credit control services across various sectors.

Debt Recovery and Credit Control:
Sectors We Serve

We understand that each industry faces unique financial challenges. We tailor our debt recovery and credit control services to address those specific needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness for our clients.

Our expertise and tailored approach enable us to effectively address the unique challenges faced by businesses in each sector.

Below are the main sectors in which we operate:


In the banking sector, efficient debt recovery and credit control are essential for maintaining financial stability and protecting assets. Our specialists are well-versed in the regulatory frameworks and industry-specific challenges faced by banks, enabling us to provide tailored solutions to recover outstanding debts and mitigate risks.


Charities rely on consistent cash flow to support their noble causes. However, managing donations and recovering outstanding pledges can be challenging. Our specialists understand the unique dynamics of the charitable sector and are dedicated to assisting charities in recovering owed funds while preserving positive donor relationships.


The construction industry often grapples with delayed payments and disputes, impacting project timelines and profitability. Our specialists have extensive experience in construction debt recovery and credit control, helping contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers navigate complex payment processes and recover outstanding debts to keep projects on track.


In the entertainment industry, timely collection of royalties and fees is crucial for sustaining artists, producers, and other stakeholders. Our specialists understand the nuances of entertainment finance and are adept at recovering owed royalties and fees through strategic debt recovery and credit control services tailored to the unique needs of the industry.


Organisations operating in the environmental sector face various financial challenges, including delayed payments for services rendered. Our specialists have a deep understanding of environmental finance and regulatory frameworks, enabling us to assist environmental organisations in recovering outstanding debts and maintaining financial sustainability.

Private Equity

Private equity firms often deal with complex financial transactions and investment agreements, which can lead to disputes and outstanding debts. Our specialists have extensive experience in private equity debt recovery and credit control, assisting firms in recovering owed funds and protecting their investments.


Property management companies and landlords encounter various challenges related to rent collection and lease agreements. Our specialists have a thorough understanding of property finance and are skilled at recovering overdue rents and resolving disputes to ensure landlords and property owners maintain financial stability.

School Fees

Educational institutions rely on timely payment of school fees to sustain operations and provide quality education. Our specialists understand the importance of efficient fee collection in the education sector and are dedicated to assisting schools in recovering outstanding fees while maintaining positive relationships with students and parents.

Service Industries

Service industries encompass a wide range of businesses, including professional services, hospitality, and healthcare. Our specialists have a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges faced by service-based businesses and are committed to providing tailored debt recovery and credit control solutions to ensure financial stability and growth.

Technology & Finance

The technology & finance sector often deals with complex financing arrangements and payment structures. Our specialists have expertise in technology finance debt recovery and credit control, assisting companies in recovering outstanding payments for software licenses, subscriptions, and other technology-related services.

By leveraging our industry-specific knowledge and experience, we are committed to helping businesses in these sectors effectively manage their finances, recover outstanding debts, and maintain financial stability.

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