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Jonathan Wheeler, independent school bursar

I have worked with Philip Elliott Associates for about two years, using their debt recovery services as a bursar in the independent school sector.

What I like about them is they are interested in the longer term relationship, not the quick win.

Robyn, the firm’s paralegal, is outstanding: she is effective, polite, efficient, with a good sense of humour and she takes an appropriately robust approach to debtors.

For example, there was a case in which a family owed us several thousand pounds and we had been promised it for some time. The debt had built up over a period and the child left the school without the balance being paid.

Robyn and I discussed the case at length. She did some due diligence and her tenacity enabled us ultimately, after many hurdles, to recover all the sums due to the school, including our costs.

She’s not a ‘typical debt collector’ going headlong into a case and sometimes hitting the wrong notes. She will come back to me seek to persuade me when there is no purpose in us continuing if the position legally is one of x, y  or z. But it’s her personality and her approach, allied to that qualification, that singles her out to my mind. There are plenty who have her qualifications but they do not have her approach or her temperament and tenacity.

She will also challenge me. It’s very easy to get very close to a situation, such that you don’t see the wood for the trees but I’ve been impressed by the way that she will challenge me with the aim of getting a good solution – one that might not involve the firm getting additional fees but it will probably bring about the most satisfactory outcome for the client.

Olivia Grimwood, Clean Sheet Laundry

I’ve worked with Philip Elliott Associates since 2012. They handle legal issues and debt collection for our business and give me advice and leads on who to contact for other support. As soon as there’s a problem, say, if one of our customers moves to a new supplier and doesn’t pay their outstanding bill with us, I pick up the phone to Philip and he sorts it out. In fact, whenever there’s a problem I ring Philip!

The service  feels very personal. Phillip and Robyn are very friendly and they genuinely care about our business, as if they were part of the company. www.cleansheetlaundry.co.uk

Russell Geary, RDG Accounting

I’ve known Philip for seven years and we’ve used the services a lot. In particular, it’s useful to have someone mediate between us and our customers when there is a debt outstanding and Philip does that fantastically well.

What I really like about both Philip and Robyn, and why I recommend them to others, is that they are down-to-earth and straightforward. It’s not like dealing with a faceless call centre or bland office type. In this industry, you get a lot of people who only talk the talk but Philip and Robyn take time to understand whatever the problem is and to come up with the right solution for you.

RDG Accounting www.rdgaccounting.com

Leonie Brown Garden Design

Philip and Robyn are very focused and good at demystifying things. They explain what they think needs to be done and how they propose to do it, then they get on with making the phone calls, writing the letters or emails or arranging to meet your clients face to face.

They also communicate well and regularly. They mediated between me and a client who hadn’t paid and they kept me in the loop at every stage.

Philip has been a good source of support in other ways, helping to point me in the direction of other help, such as financial adviser or useful business contacts like architects. He has a great network and is always happy to share it with you!

Leonie Brown, www.leoniebrowngardendesign.co.uk

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