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Debt Recovery

Chasing people to recover money they owe your business is time-consuming and a drain on your resources. We can help by taking the task of debt recovery off your hands.

We address each problem one stage at a time, reviewing our actions and results with you before moving on to the next stage.

In some cases, where the debtor has repeatedly failed to pay, we may recommend moving straight to court action. In others, further negotiation is likely to be more appropriate.

Our aim is always to collect the money you are owed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We normally charge an initial fee for making contact with the debtor and then proceed on a case-by-case basis.

Court Action

If court action is deemed to be the best course, we can pursue a number of steps.

We can issue a letter to your client, outlining the intention to take court action; this may be enough to prompt your client to make payment.

We can issue a copy summons to your client; this is a copy of the actual summons which will be issued if the full debt – including all costs and interest – is not paid within five days.

If these steps fail to resolve the problem, we can advise you to issue County Court proceedings and support you through the process.  Depending on the size of the debt – and if it is not disputed – we may suggest a statutory demand, indicating that we are considering asking for the company to be wound up for non-payment.

Once you have obtained judgement we can advise you how to transfer the case up to the High Court for enforcement; enforcement officers will become involved and can use their powers to impose the order and recover the debt.