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Credit Checks

On your behalf, we can carry out credit checks on existing and potential customers.

We will search the name given to us and cross-reference using the directors’ names on different databases to establish if they are with any other companies or have resigned directorships or dissolved companies.

We can also cross reference to check whether there are any charges on the premises where the business is registered.

The databases we consult include Companies House, Experian and the Land Registry.

Your New Clients

If you are considering taking on a new client, we can check that:

  • the potential customer is viable
  • the company has a good track record of trading
  • they are not bankrupt

Based on this information, you can make a valid business decision as to whether to accept them as a client and how much credit to offer.

We can also monitor the company across different databases and advise you of any important changes that may affect your continuing business with them.

Your Existing Clients

We can carry out similar processes for your existing clients so that if, for example, you plan to take court action against them for non-payment, we can confirm that they have the credit worthiness to make court action viable.

We can also ascertain whether there are:

  • any pending winding-up notices which may affect court action
  • directors’ guarantees on their personal property which could be drawn on to pay the debt